Wedding Cake Countdown…

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How to plan your Wedding Cake…

6 months to 1 year

~It’s never too early to start planning for your perfect day! Depending on the date you would like you may be wise to start planning a year ahead as many suppliers get booked up quickly during the ‘wedding season’ May to August. Although you may not have a definite idea of how you would like your cake to look and taste it’s worth checking out your favourite cake designers for ideas and prices and whether they would have your date available.
~Once you have an idea of guest numbers you will be able to request provisional quotes from cake decorators. You will need to consider how many guests will want a piece of cake. If you are serving the cake as dessert then you will need a larger portion per person but if it is in addition to dessert, a 1” x 1” portion per person will be adequate. Your cake designer will then advise you about what size cake you will need. If you want to keep costs down you can ask for a ‘cutting’ cake in addition to a smaller decorated one which will give more portions without the cost of decoration.
~Taste some cake! Most cake designers will offer a wedding cake consultation where you can meet with them and chat about your ideas and taste some cake. Think about your flavours – there are so many combinations to choose from and your cake decorator will be able to help you with some ideas. If you are having a tiered cake you could have different flavours for each tier but if you choose sponge cake it will need to be eaten within a few days. A fruit cake will last much longer, so consider when you will be cutting the cake and when your guests will be eating it. Some designers charge for wedding cake consultations but some will discount the price from the cake order.
~Consider whether you will need to provide for special dietary requirements. Your cake decorator should be able to prepare cakes for most needs. You can also request any modifications such as less fruit in your fruit cake.
~A cake designer will probably not be able to give a definite price until the size, flavours and design of the cake are decided but they can give you price guides and options. Make sure you let them know what your budget is so that they can create a cake design to fit what you need.
~If you have ideas, wedding colours, theme and/or photos of things you have seen, take these along to your cake designer. All your ideas can be incorporated into the design. Even if you want a very simple cake it will help to give an idea of how you would like your dream cake to look.
~Along with the number of guests expected your cake designer will need to know the venue details for delivery and setting up and whether there will be a cake table ready. You will need to check with the venue whether they can provide a knife to cut the cake and whether they have a cake stand you can use. If not, you will need to talk to your cake designer about hiring these.
~You will need to pay a deposit to secure your booking and the cake designer will give you a completed cake order with all the details for your records. The final balance will be due on or before the wedding date.

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3 months

~Go through your order form and make sure all the details are correct. Check when the final payment is due for your wedding cake.
~Make sure your designer has any colour swatches needed.
~Check with your caterer whether they can cut the cake for you into the required portions. Some venues/ caterers charge for this service.

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1 month

~Confirm all the order details with your cake designer – from final payment to delivery and set up instructions.

Enjoy your cake!

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Cappuccino Cupcakes Recipe


Recipe for Cappuccino Cupcakes

125g self raising flour
1 teaspoon cocoa powder (sieved)
125g very soft butter
125g golden caster sugar
2 medium eggs
1 tablespoon coffee granules dissolved in 1 tablespoon of hot milk
Preheat oven to 160c
Put all the ingredients together in a mixer and mix until light and fluffy, but not for more than about 45 seconds. Fill 12 cupcake cases set in a 12 hole muffin tin and bake for 20 minutes in the centre of the oven. The cupcakes should be golden brown and firm to touch and a cocktail stick should come out clean when inserted into one of the cakes. Leave to cool completely before adding topping.
The cupcakes are now ready to cover with white chocolate buttercream…
150g white chocolate
50g soft butter
200g icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Melt the white chocolate carefully in a bowl over a pan of boiling water or in the microwave. Allow to cool a little while beating together the butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract. Add the melted chocolate. Pipe swirls of the topping onto each cupcake.
Complete the cappuccino cupcakes by shaking some cocoa powder over the top using a sieve.

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How to choose your dream Wedding Cake


  • Your wedding cake will look beautiful if it complements your venue, theme, colours, so these things should be decided first.
  • Looking for pictures of your dream cake is a great idea to help your wedding cake decorator to get an idea of what styles you like. It will also help if you have pictures or swatches of fabric from wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, invitations, if you want to incorporate these into the cake design.
  • Your Wedding Cake is going to be in your wedding photographs and can be a lovely memory of your special day so think about how it can reflect your style and personality.
  • Think about how the cake will be presented in the venue. You may need to decorate the wedding cake table so that your cake looks its best, your wedding cake designer may be able to help you with this.
  • Discuss your budget with your cake designer as there may be ways you can achieve your dream cake on a lower budget if needed.

Contact Sweet Bliss Bakes to find out more about booking your dream Wedding Cake:-
Please contact Rachel on 07738447552 for a quote and / or a design consultation and tasting.
Email :

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A week in the life of a cake decorator…

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A cake is never ‘just a cake’ but takes many hours of creation. People often ask me how long a wedding cake takes to make and it’s quite difficult to answer exactly as it involves so many processes. I try to plan cake orders that I know I can fit into my week and sometimes have to say no to an order which I hate doing if it’s somebody I know or have made a cake previously for. So here is a list of what I do each day  which will help my planning and help others understand what goes on in the Sweet Bliss kitchen…
Clean kitchen – although the kitchen needs to be cleaned and disinfected each day before use, this is a deep clean. It needs to be thorough and includes checking fridge temperatures and sell by dates of any ingredients.
Check upcoming orders and baking schedule. Plan recipes for the week and shop for ingredients.
Admin – answering enquiries, preparing quotes, order forms, receipts and accounts, ordering boards, boxes and ribbon, adding pictures to the website and Facebook, there is always plenty to do and this will go on throughout the week!
Make flowers and models for upcoming cake orders. This can take many hours and can’t be completed in one day. Some flowers and models need to be started a few weeks ahead so that each element can dry before adding the next. I will continue this job through the weekday evenings.
Boards need to be covered for this week’s cakes so they can set hard ready for Friday.
Bake. Depending how many cakes and how many tiers this can take a very long day. It’s not possible to batch bake as every cake will be a different size and flavour meaning that they will need to be prepared and baked individually at different oven temperatures and times. Concentration is required so that there is no mix up with the flavours! The cakes are cooled and wrapped as the crumb needs to set for 24 hours before decorating. All ingredients used have to be recorded with sell by dates and batch numbers.
Fill and cover. This is the longest and most difficult day. Some cakes are baked in smaller layers and some cakes are cut to create layers. Each cake layer is brushed with syrup to keep it moist. They are layered up with fillings of buttercream and conserves in between, which all have to be made first. The covering process then starts with a thin covering (a crumb coat) and the cake needs to go in the fridge to set a bit so that the layers don’t slide around. It will then need another coat – this can be either a buttercream or ganache- and sometimes a third coat to create a completely smooth surface.
The cake will be cooled again to set the final coat and then it’s time to cover with roll out fondant. This is the difficult part, smoothing and cutting just perfectly to get a nice finish on the cake.
Complete decoration. Tiered cakes need to be dowelled, stacked and placed onto their base board and a ribbon added. The cakes are piped in between each tier with royal icing to give a neat edge. The cake will then need the decoration added. This could be lots of piping, ruffles or adding pre-prepared flowers and models. If there is a lot of last minute decoration needed the cakes will have to be baked a day earlier to complete the work in time. Fruit cakes are usually made six weeks ahead to allow time to mature then need to be covered with marzipan and have about three layers of royal icing added before decoration.
Delivery. The most stressful day of the week. All the hard work from the week to get the cake as perfect as possible is now culminating with a journey to transfer it to its venue. Phew! It’s also the most exciting day as I can see the cake design coming together with all the other elements at the venue for the first time. Lots of photo’s.
Time for an afternoon off and lunch or a tea and cake somewhere to unwind.
A well-deserved lie in (unless attending a Wedding Exhibition!!) Check the diary and make plans for the coming weeks. Try and get a bit of time in for some flowers and models to get ahead or start a fruit cake.

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