Cake Design


Alice In Wonderland Cake

I’ve wanted to create an Alice in Wonderland cake for so long. Now we are in Lockdown and I can’t bake for other people, I’ve had time to go back to thinking about cake designs just for me. I had so much fun creating this design on a dummy cake. I’m not that great at sketching but I always start with a sketched design so that I know which pieces need to be made. I’m also looking for a balance in the overall design and to ensure that colours go together.

I started with making all the separate pieces to put onto the cake. Alice took a while as I had to start with her legs and leave them a few days to dry before gradually adding the layers of her dress, then the upper body and head. Finally, when everything else was dry, her hair and shoes were added. She is set on a food safe skewer which then sticks into the cake so she’s really secure.

I then covered the dummy tiers, added the background decoration, such as painting the bottom tier and piping dots, hearts and lace to the upper tiers. I then left it all to dry so that I could check I was happy with the colours. Then the fun part began, adding all the pieces to the cake. The design was changed a little from the original sketch as the finished cake came together. This can sometimes happen once the sketch begins to come to life. This cake took many hours to create but it was so much fun!

Cake Decorating is my happy place!

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