Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Cake

1. You will need to consider how many guests will want a piece of cake. If you are serving the cake as dessert then you will need a larger portion per person but if it is in addition to dessert, a 2” x 1” portion per person will be adequate. Your cake decorator will then advise you about what size cake you will need. If you want to keep costs down, you can ask for a ‘cutting’ cake in addition to a smaller decorated one which will give more portions without the cost of decoration.
2. Make sure your cake will taste as great as it looks, so sample some cake before you book your wedding cake. Most cake decorators will offer you a consultation with tasting although some may charge a small fee. If you are having a tiered cake you could have different flavours for each tier so you can choose all your favourites. It’s a good idea to think about the wedding menu and you may want to choose complementary flavours particularly if you’re serving your cake as dessert. If you choose sponge cake it will need to be eaten within a few days. A fruit cake will last much longer, so consider when you will be cutting the cake and when your guests will be eating it. Have a look at some flavour ideas here.
3. Consider whether you will need to provide for special dietary requirements. Your cake decorator should be able to prepare cakes for most needs. You can also request any modifications such as less fruit in your fruit cake.
4. Looking for pictures of your dream cake is a great idea to help your wedding cake decorator to get an idea of what styles you like. It will also help if you have pictures or swatches of fabric from wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, invitations, if you want to incorporate these into the cake design.
5. Discuss your budget with your cake decorator as there may be ways you can achieve your dream cake on a lower budget if needed by simplifying elements of the design.
6. Check with your venue that they can provide a cake table and knife for your wedding cake. Think about how you will need to decorate the table so that your cake looks its best, your wedding cake decorator may help you with this.
7. Wedding cakes should ideally be booked at least 12 – 16 weeks in advance of your wedding. Many cake decorators get very busy, particularly during peak wedding time – April to September, so book as early as possible. Also, some decorations like sugar flowers and models can take many hours to make by hand.
8. Fresh flowers are not necessarily cheaper than hand-made sugar flowers and you would need to consider how long they would last out of water. Also, some flowers are not edible, some even poisonous and could have been sprayed with chemicals and although they are not going to be eaten, you may not want to put them on your cake.

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