4 Good reasons to choose a bespoke celebration cake…


Why should you choose a bespoke celebration cake?

A home-made, hand-crafted bespoke cake can seem expensive compared to a commercially mass produced celebration cake. If you can buy a party cake from the local super-market for £10 why would you want to pay more?
A bespoke cake maker may charge more but they will use much nicer ingredients, bake your cake with love and spend many hours decorating your cake. They can make your celebration cake very special by…
1. Using high quality ingredients which will give your cake an amazing taste. You will have a wide choice of delicious flavours and fillings and special diet cakes can be requested.
2. Providing a design service helping you to translate ideas into a special cake that reflects the personality of the person / people the cake is for.
3. Making and decorating a unique cake just for you with love and care.
4. Giving a personal customer service, answering any queries you may have quickly and making sure that you are happy with your cake.
Choosing a quality product may cost a bit more but if your celebration cake matters to you it will always be worth it!


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